30% of French people claim to understand what the metaverse is

3 min readApr 8, 2022


A survey conducted in February showed that 30% of French people partially understand and are interested in the topic of the metaverse. Most respondents want to take part in various augmented reality activities, such as shopping, participating in TV shows, or even building a career in this field. The study was conducted in France from 24 to 25 February and involved 1,006 people.

What is this survey about?

This study was conducted by the British company Yougov to determine the level of public awareness of the meta world. A survey of more than a thousand people over the age of 18 found that 61 % were not at all oriented towards virtual reality, 21 % had a partial understanding of the field and only 8 % were well versed in the subject. It should also be added that most of those who are well aware of the topic of virtual reality are young people aged 18 to 24 years. About 48% of respondents in this age group said they were well versed in the field. Whereas only 19% of respondents over the age of 55 have only some knowledge of the metaverse.

Career prospects in this area

The study not only looked at activities such as watching a concert or show in virtual reality but also the possibility of working in this field. So 21% of French people said they were interested in starting a career in the meta world. Perhaps this trend began with the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic, which transferred most workers to telecommuting. Microsoft founder and CEO Bill Gates points out that in a few years:“most virtual meetings will run from grids of 2D camera images […] to the metaverse, a 3D space with digital avatars”. He also added: “There Is Still Work To Be Done, But We Are Nearing A Threshold Where Technology Is Starting To Truly Replicate The Experience Of Being Together In The Office”. It should also be added that according to a study by the American consulting and research company Gartner, about 25% of people in 2026 will spend in virtual reality at least an hour a day.

The role of NFT in the metaverse

No less important aspect in virtual reality is also payment methods, that is digital assets. That’s why the role of NFT in virtual reality is important because it can become a major financial resource. Possible uses of these digital assets in the metaverse are: selling virtual real estate, creating NFT collections, shopping in NFT games, and encouraging the development of the metaverse.

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