AXA France enters the metaverse The Sandbox
3 min readApr 4, 2022

Every day, another large corporation announces the beginning of its activities in the metaworld. Among such companies, the casino group and the American bank JP Morgan joined the virtual universe The Sandbox (SAND). Another such company was the insurance company AXA France. It will be recalled that this is the first banking and insurance company to start its work in virtual reality.

New perspectives for AXA France in the metaverse

At the end of February 2022, the French insurance company AXA France announced the purchase of a site in the metaverse of The Sandbox (SAND). With this statement, the company states that it wants to keep up with current trends. This solution will not only open new opportunities for AXA France but also increase the number of users. In the press release, the companies emphasize the new perspectives for the animation of their communities AXA Tech, Digital and Data, in which more than 2,000 people participate. The CEO of AXA France explained the introduction to virtual reality as follows: “The spirit of innovation has been crucial to the success of AXA France since our inception. We decided to establish ourselves in the metric, to allow our talents to meet in this new virtual world and explore uses. As insurance leaders, we have a responsibility to participate in major technological advances to envision future insurance. We are only at the beginning of the metaphor, so we want to learn and give ourselves ways to get ourselves used to these platforms and communities as soon as possible.” It should also be added that support for The Sandbox, Excelsior Gaming, and Metaverse Studio is involved to better implement this project.

Reference: The Sandbox (SAND) is an Ethereum-based decentralized NFT game meta world that allows non-technical users to sell and monetize their own NFT. This meta world uses its SAND token to support the in-game economy.

The French insurance company AXA France still does not disclose details of its involvement in the meta world and development. According to preliminary data, the company has an idea to open a virtual agency to introduce new services targeted at users of The Sandbox. So far nothing is known about the success of this initiative, but we can say for sure that such innovations will definitely bring the company even more audience.

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