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3 min readApr 16, 2021


If you are already an advanced player on the cryptocurrency market, then you realize how volatile and unpredictable crypto-assets can be. The rates of crypto can change rapidly in a few minutes. The main problem of traders and investors is to catch the right moment when to buy or sell crypto in order to be in profit.

Beginners usually have a lot of questions concerning choosing the right trading or investment strategy, how to choose the currency to start, what services to use, and how not to lose money during the practice. Thus, crypto exchange platform bit4you developed and launched Demo mode for all crypto enthusiasts who want to become advanced users and make a profit on crypto-assets without risks.

What is Demo mode and how does it work?

Demo mode is a powerful tool for all who are interested in the crypto market, no matter how advanced the user is. Demo wallet is the so-called training mode, where you can trade, exchange, and sell but only with virtual money. There is nothing complex, you just register on the bit4you site and get your Demo wallet. Then you receive $100 000 of virtual funds and the opportunity to buy, sell, exchange, and trade with all crypto available on the platform (there are more than 20 crypto-assets in the Markets section). You can expand and diversify your crypto portfolio with different coins or bet on only one specific currency. Become a pro in the cryptocurrency market with the Demo mode by testing different trading strategies. Perhaps you have discovered some interesting trading approaches but you are not ready to lose your money as the strategy is unpredictable and not explored. Or let’s say that you want to experiment with different methods and assets but not sure about the result. In cases, when you are not sure about its profitability, Demo mode is quite a useful method for any trader and investor, that prevents risks and losses.

From training to trading

Let’s practice with Demo mode to get a better understanding of the crypto market. You already have an account on bit4you and do not know where to click? Well, we recommend you to start with useful information and charts on the platform if you need this, of course. Now you are on the Home page. Click on the black button Markets. Having done this, you will be moved to the list of crypto-assets available on the market. You can buy any asset that you see here. Also, in this menu, you can monitor the price, how it changes, and the total volume of the cryptocurrency. For instance, you are going to buy some BTC. To do this, you should click on the asset you want to purchase. Then, you will see the window where you can exchange your fiat USDT on bitcoin after clicking on Create Buy Order. On this page, you will find plenty of useful information such as charts, graphs, technical analysis, and price movements of the chosen cryptocurrency. Having bought crypto, move to Positions on the top panel, where all your crypto-assets are stored. In the Positions section, you can observe what and when you have bought, how much you spent (how much you invested in the asset), the current rate, and your profit (how much money you will get if you sell your crypto at a particular moment). Also, you can configure “stop loss” and “take profit” by clicking on the unit there. Besides, the history of your transactions and orders, wallets, add funds is also available in the same top menu. There is a notice about Demo mode: you can dispose of only virtual funds. Thus, the option of withdrawing is not available.

However, Demo mode provides its users with the opportunity to explore and test different strategies and approaches for free. Demo wallet is a good chance to get more about the crypto world and deepen your knowledge of it as the best option to trade and invest in cryptocurrency when you know how the market works, its pitfalls, and its features.

Valentina BEREZA, Team bit4you



bit4you is an european crypto exchange platform. We are facilitating the transition between crypto currencies and traditional currencies such as euro.

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