Cryptocurrency debit cards: present or future?
3 min readSep 15, 2021


The rapid rise in popularity of the crypto industry has resulted in the emergence of new and improved payment methods. One of these is the crypto debit card, which employs bitcoin as the first and most popular type of virtual coin as a monetary unit. By the way, it is a relatively recent development in the world of blockchain technologies. A growing number of financial institutions are issuing and servicing such cards. In this article, you will learn about cryptocurrency debit cards and whether or not they will be extensively used in the crypto community.

Cryptocurrency debit cards: present or future? (by bit4you)

To begin with, cryptocurrency debit cards allow you to effortlessly pay with crypto assets anyplace this type of payment is allowed. Debit cards pegged to crypto wallets facilitate spending cryptocurrency exactly like debit or credit card funds. Although some users prefer more current payment technologies (such as QR code scanning), most of the community still consider cards the most convenient and effective way to pay. Furthermore, the vast majority of bitcoin card issuers provide both physical cards and smartphone applications.

Nowadays, most countries allow cryptocurrency users to order and use a debit or prepaid cryptocurrency cards to instantly exchange crypto assets into fiat currency, buy products and services online, or withdraw money from ATMs. To learn more about crypto ATMs, please follow the link to our article and expand your knowledge about the crypto industry. By the way, if you consider a crypto debit card as a new and more convenient way of interacting with your crypto assets, you should know that the procedure of verification is necessary (KYC).

On the other hand, supplying all of the required documents and having them verified takes time. Additionally, if the person has just moved or changed jobs, there may be additional bureaucratic hurdles. During the COVID-19 pandemic and its related restrictions, users suffer significant challenges in acquiring all requisite documents, particularly if physical presence is required for issuance. Cryptocurrency regulation varies widely by jurisdiction, including tax restrictions and the amount of cryptocurrency converted into fiat currency. Before purchasing a cryptocurrency card, please ensure that crypto is not prohibited in your country. Furthermore, bear in mind that if you have any problems with crypto debit cards, you should seek technical assistance or deal with them on your own, as there is no way to visit their physical office.

However, despite the advantages of crypto debit cards such as portability and almost borderless use, some users also admit high and unreasonable taxes, high monthly maintenance costs, and unfair exchange rates. There are numerous BTC debit cards available on the market, each with its commissions and other terms of usage. For instance, the Bitwala crypto card, issued by Wavecrest Holding Ltd, is the most popular alternative for European bitcoin holders. By the way, VISA supports this crypto debit card. Other popular types of bitcoin cards are XAPO, Shift card, E-Coin, Advcash, ANX, Coinsbank, etc. Since the crypto industry is highly mobile, it is continually undergoing significant changes, including the introduction of new payment mechanisms.

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