Cryptocurrency Investment Strategies

Wondering how to invest without stress? Want to try investing in cryptocurrency, but do not know how to start? Or are you just sick and tired of the nervous trading? Then, discover how to become a pro in cryptocurrency investing with the bit4you exchange platform.

Photo by Precondo CA on Unsplash
  • Think carefully about how much you are ready to invest and what resources you can lose without worries in case something goes wrong. It is also extremely important when it comes to choosing the strategy that fits your objectives, short or long-term. Bit4you is delighted to provide you with the opportunity to invest (or trade) without worries with the help of Demo mode. It is a powerful instrument if you want to test some investment strategies without losing your real money. How does it work? Well, you just have to register your bit4you Demo account and receive $100 000 of virtual funds. Then, if you want to get a better understanding of any crypto coins, strategies, or the crypto market, go to bit4you educational section and start learning. It will bear fruits in a way of more professional behavior on the crypto market. You discover all the investment processes, main processes, ins and outs of fundamental analysis. But what is more important, you will get the practice experience and the chance to use your newly acquired skills in the real crypto market. As you know, practice is important.
  • You can also make a well-balanced crypto portfolio on bit4you and invest not only in bitcoin but also in other assets. It is the first and the most important rule: if you are investing in a few cryptocurrencies, just allocate your funds equally for each asset. Thus, any subsequent investment would be divided equally between different crypto coins. Honestly speaking, the percentage of crypto in your portfolio can differ, but the main point is the same.
  • The averaging strategy is about splitting the capital into several parts and buying bitcoin on bit4you at regular intervals of time. Thus, if the price of an asset drops, you can use it as an opportunity to buy more coins and decrease the average loss since the average BTC purchase price will decrease accordingly.

bit4you is an european crypto exchange platform. We are facilitating the transition between crypto currencies and traditional currencies such as euro.