How celebrities are jumping onto the metaverse hype train
3 min readApr 4, 2022


Although technophiles have been discussing a meta-universe for years, it achieved widespread acceptance in October of 2021 as a result of Facebook’s rebranding. Mark Zuckerberg, the social network’s CEO, renamed Meta and changed the vector of development to meta-universe.

Even though the sector has been evolving for more than a year, a combination of variables such as the pandemic, technology advancement, assistance from leading companies, and celebrity interest might give the industry a push. The article tells you about celebrities and companies investing in the metaverse.

Paris Hilton appeared as a guest on “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon on January 25, where she discussed her experiences in the NFT community. The pop culture diva gave all “Tonight Show” viewers NFTs from her forthcoming collection with Super Plastic. Hilton revealed to Fallon that her first NFT collection with Super Plastic would be available on Origin Protocol shortly, but she didn’t elaborate on the timing. Super Plastic is promoting itself as a creator of vinyl toys and digital collectibles.

Moreover, Hilton has developed Paris World, a virtual island in the metaverse. It offers virtual events, and an entertainment complex, where customers will be able to visit the zoo, go shopping, and purchase virtual Hilton brand apparel and accessories. The pop celebrity has recently become a surprising supporter of Metaworld. On New Year’s Eve 2021, “Paris World” Hilton appeared on the online gaming platform Roblox, where Hilton performed a DJ set for the virtual crowd.

Snoop Dogg is well-known for his support of NFT, and the American rapper is currently constructing a virtual mansion within The Sandbox metaverse. In the virtual environment, you may own virtual property, land, or real estate, and even build a house. In the metaverse, real estate transactions are dependent on location. The Sandbox team revealed the first round of Snoop Dogg’s land auction on Twitter, which comprises 122 standards and 67 premium plots of land, and 2 estates. It is worth noting, they are very similar to the rapper’s real estate. By playing the Snoop Verse, owners may also earn NFT and SAND.

According to Fortune, fashion designer Ralph Lauren has launched an event in the Roblox meta world. During the “Winter Escape” event, participants may join in active sports including ice skating and purchase apparel from the designer’s 1990s collections. The branded goods cost between $1.25 and $3. However, Morgan Stanley analysts predicted that sales of luxury products, including digital fashion, may reach 50 billion euros by 2030, and that collectibles will rise in demand.

Digital fashion is one of the emerging trends that involve all high fashion brands working hard on it. Gucci, for example, organized the Fashion Awards 2021 in the Roblox metaverse in collaboration with the British Fashion Council. Therefore, the committee chose to commemorate the first-ever fashion award for digital fashion design.

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