How to buy, sell, and exchange crypto.
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With the rapid development of the cryptocurrency market, many traders moved from traditional trading to cryptocurrency trading. It proves that crypto-assets gain popularity in the world. Then, it is high time to learn more about such basic processes as buying, selling, and exchanging crypto in order to trade profitably. In the article, we explain how to choose the best moment for buying and selling crypto, describe the advantages of exchange services, and what factors should be taken into consideration while trading on the cryptocurrency market.

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How to buy

Before buying the crypto-assets, you should think about choosing the right moment in order not to overpay. Many factors can give you a hint. Fundamental analysis is the most useful tool when it comes to buying crypto-assets. First of all, you should be aware of the main events in the crypto community as the cryptocurrency market is very volatile and is not regulated by the authorities. In other words, the price rates can change in a moment as a result of a haphazard statement. Thus, news and political analysis can help you to catch the right moment and buy crypto for a favorable price. Also, you should think about a reliable crypto wallet. It is the place, where all your crypto coins will be stored. Keep in mind, that crypto transactions cannot be reversed. Besides, if you decide to manage your keys on your own, be sure you won’t lose them. In another case, you will not be able to get access to your wallet. The easiest way is to log in to the bit4you exchange platform that allows managing all your assets using your personal computer or application on the smartphone. That will completely save your time since you have all the necessary instruments in one place.

How to sell

When it comes to selling cryptocurrency, the main goal of the trader is to sell the assets at the price peak. In order to find the right moment, you should be aware of some essential factors. In this case, technical analysis comes into use. This approach may require some special technical knowledge and skills. Bit4you provides its users with the graphs and indicators that you may need. For instance, having compared maximums and minimums of indicators, you can get a general understanding of price tendencies. If lines go upwards, then traders are buying the coin and we can make a guess that the price will rise. The opposite is when lines go down on the graphs. Honestly, the example above is easy to understand for beginners. But it is only the peak of the iceberg as technical analysis includes a much wider range of factors that should be taken into account. In order to make traders` lives easier, bit4you offers to visit its informational page, which shows the graphs, indicators, and supportive-tools you may require. In addition, bit4you also sends notifications about the current market situation, when to buy or when to sell crypto-assets.

How to exchange

There are many services and platforms available where you can exchange your fiat money on crypto-assets. The main function of the exchange service is to be a mediator that helps to receive crypto coins quickly. Bit4you exchange platform is the best option if a fast transaction confirmation and a high payment speed are your priority. Moreover, the platform allows exchanging with more than 20 assets without limits. Make sure that the assets you want to buy are available and you are satisfied with the price. However, before making the transaction, check the feedback about the exchange platform you want to use and be sure it is safe and protected.

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