How to use your Bitcoin Wallet.

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What is the bitcoin wallet?

To store and spend your bitcoins, a bitcoin wallet is needed. In other words, as bitcoin is a digital currency, it is not stored anywhere. The task of the wallet is provided to store your digital keys that provide access to the bitcoin address and the ability to sign transactions. Keep in mind that cryptocurrency transactions cannot be reversed, so if you plan to deal with digital assets, you need to have a secure bitcoin wallet.

How to use it

Once you register an account on bit4you, you can start using the demo mode. You get your BTC wallet with $ 100 000 virtual funds. This technology allows you to get to know how the crypto market, crypto wallet, and strategies work. On bit4you you can have multiple crypto wallets, sell and buy cryptocurrency you want just by one click! However, it is quite comfortable to have so many options and tools in one place.

  • Private exchangers. We speak about real people in real offices. This way is quite dangerous, as you do not know those individuals and take a risk with your funds. Also, those exchangers have a high commission (up to 15%), which is not profitable at all. Transactions through it work like this: you make an appointment in advance in a guarded office or apartment, fix the course, they prepare money for you, you transfer the cryptocurrency, and wait for confirmation. After that, you can pick up fiat. The benefit is for people who do not want to delve into the topic but the obvious disadvantage is in being unprotected.
  • Crypto exchange platform. One of the most popular ways to exchange cryptocurrency for fiat and vice versa is professional cryptocurrency exchanges. However, you only deal with the platform, not with other users. Fiat money can also be withdrawn from your bank account. The most obvious benefit for bit4you crypto exchanger users is the popularity of such platforms. The largest number of transactions is carried out on crypto exchanges. That popularity is gained through the security of transactions on bit4you. It means that your funds and digital assets will be protected as for trading and investing the bank verification is required. If you are an advanced crypto trader, the diversity of cryptocurrency presented on bit4you will be an advantage for you.



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bit4you is an european crypto exchange platform. We are facilitating the transition between crypto currencies and traditional currencies such as euro.