Ledger Announces Web Extension to Improve Security for Web 3.0 Users

In 2021, blockchain startups received $33 billion. Many of these initiatives are associated with the advancement of Web 3.0, the Internet of the Future.

Ledger, a cryptocurrency storage platform, has announced intentions to create Ledger Connect, a browser plugin. Users will be able to connect to Web3 apps using the Ledger Nano X from anywhere, avoiding hacking and fraud and keeping their cryptocurrencies and NFTs safe.

Ledger is a hardware wallet series that securely stores your cryptocurrency. Only the person with the proper security code can access your wallet by functioning offline. It is one of the most popular cold wallets given all the facts.

Most cryptocurrency wallet lists are topped by the Ledger Nano X and Ledger Nano S. Ledger has evolved to accommodate NFT into its ecosystem and implemented extra levels of security in recent years. With the launch of Ledger Connect, the firm hopes to avoid the economics of browser add-ons.

Ledger Connect is a new wallet browser plugin that will enhance the security of the Ledger ecosystem. The newest cryptocurrency security step by the corporation seeks to connect to Web3 from anywhere via Ledger devices. You may sign up for beta testing and try out the new product right now.

Ledger Connect will be a web wallet that supports many blockchains, including ETH and SOL. It is the only browser plugin that supports both blockchains, and it will ultimately support additional protocols as well.

When you connect your Ledger wallet to the Web3 app, the browser extension prompts you to select “Ledger Connect.” You will be unable to manage your accounts directly from the browser extension because Ledger lacks asset management functionality. To manage your accounts, you’ll still need the Ledger Live companion app. By connecting to the Web3 page, you will be able to sign transactions from your hardware wallet.

However, еhis is the first and only browser extension created specifically for Ledger. Users will no longer need to rely on third-party browser extensions. Furthermore, Ledger Connect will have a layer of security known as Web3 Check. At launch, Ledger Connect will be compatible with the Ledger Nano X hardware wallet, with support for the Ledger Nano S Plus coming later. The ETH and SOL protocols will be accessible in beta, with other protocols added later.

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Valentyna Bereza, Team bit4you.



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