The city of Cannes will sell 10 tourist sites in the form of NFT

The French city of Cannes is starting to develop activities in the field of digital assets. Thus, the government announced the introduction of 11 non-fungible tokens (NFT), which will cover the sights of the city. According to preliminary data, 10 tokens will be put up for auction for sale, while 1 will be donated to one of the city’s residents through a raffle. Thus, part of the funds raised is used for the needs of local environmental organizations.

Cannes will release 11 non-fungible tokens in the form of tourist spots

The city of Cannes has announced the creation of digitized “eleven symbolic objects of the Cannes heritage”, which will be presented in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFT). The developers of this initiative want to show these urban objects in 3D before registering in the blockchain. Among the tourist destinations to be transferred to NFT:

  • Palace of Festivals and Congresses in Cannes;
  • Croisette Boulevard;
  • Port of Canto;
  • St. Marguerite Island (with Fort Royal);
  • the Jason Deckers Taylor Marine Eco-Museum;
  • Malmaison;
  • old port;
  • Forville market;
  • Suke;
  • Pointe Croisette;
  • Georges Melies Campus.

In order to implement this initiative, the city has joined the French company Pertimm. This company is engaged in development in the field of artificial intelligence and e-commerce. On the official website, representatives of the company announced the development of the project “I Met My NFT” with the authorities of the city of Cannes.

The city government also commented on the initiative, with Cannes Mayor David Lisnard saying he welcomed the project. “Cannes is making a new turn in promoting its heritage beyond any borders. […] With this innovative technology, every place in Cannes will be digitized and then sold at auction, ” — said the mayor.

A collection of 11 non-fungible tokens will be presented at the Cannes World Festival of Artificial Intelligence. We remind you that this is almost the first festival dedicated to this area. The event was supposed to take place in February at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes, but the event was postponed from 14 to 16 April 2022. According to preliminary data, the festival was to be attended by well-known representatives in the field of technology, including Microsoft and Nvidia.

It is also worth noting that NFT tokens will be presented at an auction to be held during the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. This festival highlights innovations in the field of advertising and communications. According to preliminary data, the city authorities will put 10 of 11 tokens up for auction, while the eleventh work will be given to one of the citizens by lot.

Cannes as the first city in the metaverse

With the help of the collection of non-fungible tokens, Cannes wants to become the first European city to be represented in the metaverse. Also in its press release, the city authorities emphasize that the owners of tokens will be able to “implement these NFT on the platform of the metauniverse of their choice.”

A significant part of the proceeds from the auction will be transferred to finance “environmental activities carried out by the Cannes associations.” In particular, on its official website, representatives of the foundation pledged to participate in supporting initiatives of the city’s organizations aimed at protecting the environment.

Despite the support of environmental organizations, the city authorities also expect criticism for the introduction of activities in the field of NFT and cryptocurrencies. Such criticism is due to the general attitude towards digital assets and the blockchain as having a negative impact on the environment.

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bit4you is an european crypto exchange platform. We are facilitating the transition between crypto currencies and traditional currencies such as euro.

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bit4you is an european crypto exchange platform. We are facilitating the transition between crypto currencies and traditional currencies such as euro.

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