The Wikimedia Foundation and cryptocurrency donations

Wikipedia is attempting to adopt is the use of unique NFT-tokens

However, the proof-of-work model has been frequently chastised for its harmful environmental effect. The United States Congress said last week that it would convene hearings on the environmental effect of cryptocurrency mining. Miners are also reacting to the condition of environmental devastation. Compute North and Marathon Digital expanded an arrangement in early December last year to host more than 100,000 computers for cryptocurrency mining in the United States using energy generated by the sun and wind. The firms promised to host 73,000 miners in May.

A reluctance to understand the matter

Although the foundation will continue to monitor crypto talks in its forums, it will not cease taking cryptocurrency donations. The Wikimedia Foundation’s senior communications officer, Julia Brungs, likewise answered that the organization promptly converts bitcoin into fiat currency and never holds them. The flexibility to allow people to contribute in the way that is most convenient for them is also an argument in favor of crypto donations.



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