Visa launches program to help artists learn about NFTs
3 min readMay 23, 2022


Visa launches program to help artists learn about NFTs (by bit4you)

Visa Creator is launching a project aimed at attracting artists to create a business in the field of non-exchange tokens. In particular, this project involves not only artists but also musicians, videographers, and 3D animation artists. We remind you that access to the project is open during the year.

Involvement of artists in the field of NFT

Many of the world’s artists are already familiar with the world of NFT and are actively continuing their work in this field. This is the right decision because now the digital universe is at the peak of its popularity and more and more businesses are starting to work there to be in the topic. However, Visa is launching a project to get even more people from the creative industries to switch to NFT and to make the transition as smooth as possible for them.

Therefore, the Visa Creator project was founded, which aims to attract more artists in the field of art, film, fashion, and music and not only to the world of fixed tokens. This project opens a large number of opportunities for creative workers, including not only significant profits but also the opportunity to validate the authenticity of the work and assert ownership in the network. It also allows artists to create new digital formats, such as videos, digital images, GIFs, and more.

Among the first participants in the program from Visa is Mika Johnson, who is almost the most prominent artist in the world of NFT. His most famous character is a black boy in an Aku helmet who dreams of becoming an astronaut. The head of the cryptocurrency department Visa commented on the project in support of artists: “NFT has the potential to become a powerful economic accelerator for content creators. […] Through Visa Creator, we want to help this new category of small and micro-businesses use new digital commerce tools. ”

Five-level program from Visa

The founders of the Visa Creator project have developed 5 main components for the integration of artists in the field of NFT. Among these components:

  • Mentoring. At this stage, support will be provided on the choice of blockchain for NFT works, types of available smart contracts, and a list of platforms for sale.
  • Communication in communities. The project provides an opportunity for artists to communicate with like-minded people, and share ideas and experiences with NFT experts.
  • Access to thought leaders. The project program includes valuable information from experts in digital commerce, Web3, cryptocurrency, and payments.
  • Cooperation with Visa customers and partners. The Visa Creator project also provides for possible collaboration between program participants and Visa colleagues.
  • Premium. Start-up capital will be allocated to all project participants to start developing their NFT business.

For all those wishing to participate in the Visa program, registration was open on the company’s website but application closed on May 11, 2022. This project is available to employees of all creative areas.

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