Where to spend crypto in Belgium?

3 min readAug 20, 2022

Before you purchase some crypto, you may wonder where to spend them. Because the crypto sector is still developing, you may be shocked to learn that it is not generally recognized. This article is dedicated to researching where to pay with cryptocurrency in Belgium.

However, the number of merchants and services that accept bitcoins is increasing. According to Coinmap.org, around 15,000 locations worldwide accept cryptocurrency for products and services. Given that bitcoin is currently legal tender in countries such as Japan and Ukraine, the actual number of cryptocurrency services is likely to be significantly greater.

What can you do with crypto in Belgium?

Currently, there are around 100 crypto-friendly businesses that accept payments with digital assets. In Brussels, you can spend your crypto in 14 places, such as local cafes, restaurants, and retailers, and even attend some courses!

For example, the owner of a local restaurant with Italian cuisine, Osteria Romana, added the crypto payment option to the services. It means you can feel like that guy who bought 2 pizzas for 10, 000 BTC twelve years ago! Of course, there is a better alternative, exactly — the bit4you trading platform.

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And the first category on our list is cafes and restaurants. As we mentioned above, Osteria Romana has been accepting bitcoin payments since the beginning of July. As a result, the restaurant on Avenue Legrand becomes another place to reach this milestone. Furthermore, the famed anarchist bar Dolle Mol in the heart of Brussels began taking cryptocurrencies as payment last year. The Belgian cafe FRIETSHOP Wetteren also welcomed cryptocurrency payments, namely XRP.


But, in Belgium, what can we buy with cryptocurrencies except for food? There is a doctor in Ichtegem who accepts digital assets as payment, as well as a music producer studio in Ghent, the telecoms operator Mobile Vikings, and the fast food website, Pizza.be. Moreover, Seety, a digital parking startup based in Belgium, has recently included crypto payment functionality for parking tickets. According to Laura Seeres, the cryptocurrency payment launch was going well. Since they already had dozens of crypto payments every day, predominantly in bitcoins and litecoins.

The Yard festival in Vilvorde also allowed cryptocurrency payments for the first time last June. A noteworthy moment demonstrates the rising importance of cryptocurrencies in Belgians’ daily lives.

If you want more information about businesses accepting crypto payments in Belgium, the website Coinmap.org can help.

However, many crypto-friendly places last year marked a positive trend for crypto enthusiasts in Belgium. Indeed, the crypto industry is growing as well as its community. Thus, no wonder the owners of businesses are jumping into the crypto train and adapting themselves to the challenges of modernity.

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