Women in the world of Cryptocurrency

4 min readOct 15, 2021

When the term cryptocurrency is uttered, many people assume that it is solely for men because of how hard it appears to be, including the follow-up and time required to execute a transaction. The crypto world can be thought of as a collection of strangers working on a safe worldwide money and payment system without the authority or influence of any third party or institution. Because a lot happens when banks, financial institutions, and governments don’t become involved, this strategy has radically revolutionized how people utilize money. There is no gender census since the crypto market does not require the next trader t o know with whom he or she is trading. Women in cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, receive little attention.

Women in the world of Cryptocurrency : Kathleen Breitman & Narges Moradabadi (by bit4you)

As a matter of fact, in the early days of bitcoin, miners were mostly guys who earned a fortune and then recruited a team of the same gender when it came time to reinvest. This was not due to a lack of involvement on the part of women, but rather to a lack of exposure on the part of these women. Another factor could be because women are underrepresented in technology and finance. Furthermore, when it comes to investments, women have been known to be quite weak in coping with risks. Because cryptocurrency is notorious for its volatility, women tend to favor traditional investing.

Kathleen Breitman (left on picture)

A former co-founder and CEO of Tezos, a blockchain smart contract platform invested two hundred and thirty-two million dollars during a public crowd sale. She had quit her job as a senior strategy associate with a business that investigates blockchain applications for the world’s largest bank months before. Because she has always admired entrepreneurs, she decided to become one herself. She then got into this notion that she and her husband had been working on for years. Her motivation originated from a flaw she discovered with bitcoin. Anyone who holds Tezos currencies, known as ‘tezzies,’ has the right to participate in any modifications made to the network. However, the company encountered some obstacles. The Breitmans, their firm, and the Tezos Foundation, which was established to promote and support the usage of the Tezos blockchain, were the targets of a series of lawsuits. Then there was a public fight with the foundation’s president. It is up to that organization, not the Breitmans, to decide how to spend the proceeds from the crowd sale. Payments to the development team were halted because the foundation was in chaos. This, however, did not spell the end for this couple. They braced themselves and stated that only the finish mattered. With this perspective, she was able to let go of the possibility of a completely just universe and focus on the original goal of making Tezos work in the cosmos. “We just have to ship this code and play the game,” Breitman explains.

Narges Moradabadi (right on picture)

A full-time Iranian cryptocurrency trader and investment advisor who began her crypto career in 2018. She was inspired when she accepted a position as the head of the digital marketing department at a crypto corporation based in Tehran. When the COVID-19 pandemic occurred, causing an economic downturn in Iran, Narges jumped into full-time trading, starting small and gradually growing up as she learned about a market with such volatile price fluctuations. She claims that what drew her into trading was the tough and diverse aspect of the business, as well as the thrill. As a result of her trading success, she shared her fortune on social media to amass tens of thousands of followers. People have stated, however, that she has these numbers of followers because she is a woman, which they consider to be a rarity in the crypto realm. In answer, she responds, “I don’t agree with that,” she said. “I focus on offering my content in a way that would benefit a wide variety of people, and would also introduce them to different aspects of my personality.” This is not to say that she has always been a win-win situation. She, like other traders, has benefited and lost money on her crypto holdings, but she does not allow the losses to bother her. On the contrary, she sees them as a means of developing patience.

Many successful women have recently begun trading in cryptocurrencies. The main issue is that they must be able to practice patience while also managing hazards. As Kathleen puts it, losers should be dropped and the emphasis should be on winners. Cryptocurrency is for anyone willing to grab the bull by the horns.

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